Best Time to Visit UAE

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the United Arab Emirates has a tropical desert climate, with hot and humid summers, and comparatively cooler winters.

Current Weather (°F)

High Season: November – March

The best time to visit the UAE is between November and February with days being cool, pleasant and sunny with clear skies. Light sea breeze and sporadic rainfall in these months make the visit to the country all the more enjoyable. It is the best period for outdoor adventures in the deserts, or by the coast. UAE Hotel prices are usually much higher between November – March, due to peak tourism season so make your reservations well in advance. A number of music festivals and sporting events also take place during this season, so you will definitely have plenty of adventures.

Low Season: June – September

Life in UAE moves indoor during the months of May to September when days start to get scorching hot and humid. This time of year is best for shopping lovers when the summer sales are in full swing and is also the best time to go diving. April is the perfect month to visit beaches when the weather is warm in a pleasant way. Since the tourist rush would have worn off, you can expect to get cheaper flight tickets and secure bargain accommodation prices at great luxury hotels. The best part is you can really enjoy the country without the maddening crowds.


Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. The celebrations of Ramadan make nights into day, and puts up on display the best of UAE’s cultural heritage, while also giving you an opportunity to enjoy much fabled Arabian hospitality and relish the best of Arab food once the sun sets. Do note that this month also brings with it some prohibitions and it would be necessary to respect the cultural and religious traditions. So plan your trip accordingly, noting that the month of Ramadan changes as per the Islamic Hijri calendar in relation to the Georgian calendar every year.

Average Monthly Weather in the United Arab Emirates

MonthAvg. Minimum (°C)Avg. Maximum (°C)

Last Updated: 1st December 2019